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  • DAVO stands for good beer.

    And behind it.

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DAVO was founded in 2012, mainly to supply the founders, Arnoud, Marijn and Jos, with an abundance of beer. Brewing started in, oh sweet innocence, cooking pots. In the meanwhile, however, we have expanded to a staggering 32-member team of passionate beer aficionados, a brewery and two bars: DAVO Brewpub in Deventer and DAVO bar in Arnhem. Every day is dedicated to brewing the finest beers and serving these to the mobs. How this is accomplished? On the premise of our three core principles:

We wholeheartedly stand for, and by, good beer.

The world of specialty beers has become a tad hysterical over the past decade. Many breweries are focussing on producing peculiar beers, containing silly ingredients, thereby affecting the sheer quality of beer. DAVO respectfully declines. We care less about the extras, but more about the essentials. Our brewer disobeys hypes, but adheres to true quality beer. In other words, we would like to acquaint you with good, balanced, beer – no matter the kind.
This way we hope you experience our beer, rather than just consume it.

We’re slightly – but pleasantly – disturbing

We are not exactly fond of ordinary and commonplace, and loathe being fussy. We like doing things our own way: no hassle, with a hint of creativity and wit and being idiosyncratic. This should attract the right people: infinitely curious individuals, with a certain joie-de-vivre, preferably funny.
That’s who we are: creative, authentic and ambitious.

We believe in quality, authenticity and continuously improving ourselves

Our objective is not only to surprise the ale adventurers, but also the lager lovers and persuade them to dive into specialty beer, head first. We truly believe quality and the way you perceive taste are crucial. Hence, the Three-pint-rule: a concept that allows you to feel like ordering another one after washing down the first triangle, regardless of the kind. Quaffable and balanced. Moreover, we will never cease to concoct new flavours and techniques; one is never too old to learn.
Only fools, or drunks, say otherwise.